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Luxury Lash Extensions

Your eyes are my canvas. You deserve a masterpiece.

In order to secure you appointment and reduce the number of cancellations Orlando Lash Lady will require less  $50 or more deposit depending of service. Payments can be made online through the booking calendar. If you need to cancel or change an appointment a minimum of 48 hours notice will be required in order to not lose your deposit. Only one reschedule allowed per appointment.

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Lash Care

How to take care of them

After your lash section is good to know what is next. 

The next step is to take care of them by using a specific lash shampo and a soft make up brush to gently rub in circular motion on top of the lash line, follow by rinsing them with plenty of water until the soapy residue is gone, when your lashes are completely clean gently wrap your finger with a microfiber beauty towel and hold it under your lashes so the water absorbs on the towel. Its very important to not friction or rub your lashes  at the moment water comes in your eyes.


Avoid friction motions.

Avoid rubbing , pulling and touching  them so much. This may help to detach your own natural lash as well.

Avoid cotton derivatives like Q-tips, make- up remover wipes, terry cloth towel or anything that has lint. The tiny lint may  invisible get in between and cause  inside the eye debris discomfort.

Avoid eyeliner of any type, removing this one will make you friction your lashes.

Avoid oily products close to your eyes, remember if I cover your botton lashes to protect them from the glue meaning what I put on the top can be transfer to the botton, whatever you put on the bottom can be transferred to the top. 

Avoid Excessive heat, no blow-dry or steaming showers or even super sweating because you body heat. 

All this recommendations are made in order to help you to preserve your lashes as much as posible, another important and tricky part is that the more you clean them the more risk of falling off but if you don't clean them they can fall as well because your own build up and oils will, in addition that poor lash hygiene can lead to infections or eyelash mites (Demodex) and im sure you don't want that. 


Classic + Volume  Natural Mixed  Full Set

can give you a mascara  or Natural look.

As one of our most popular lash services, The term Classic Lash Extensions is referred as one lash per not multiple lashes. And Volume is adding over two or more lashes. Is Ideal for first time clients that want glamorous lashes in a natural effect or a perfect option for clients that want to cut off the mascara routine.
An advice, if you want longer and with little more volume, has a very special occasion or and going to be photographed in that case I recommend to upgrade this idea for a  Volume Signature  Full Set.


Volume Lash Extensions

From 3D up to 10D

Amazing right? a lot of people may wonder I want them but is too much, or they see way extravagant lashes out there and that scares them,  however when looking for volume lashes  my recommendation will be time, why? because you have to take your time to search and find the best lashes that suit not only your eyes but your personality and work etiquette. 

So let me tell you what is called 


Volume lashes are a multiple lashes that are open as a folding fan which can be modified according to the talent of the Lash artist. This folding fanning like technique will determine the extravagant or natural of the final look of course this can not happen with an advance fast drying cyanoacrylate medical grade adhesive. 

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Our Story

We’ll Take Care of You

Orlando Lash Lady is known for her customized design and detailed work. She founded her business with one goal in mind - to make lash services customizable , safe and affordable for every woman and man. Her Lash Extensions Services focuses on safety, beauty and quality results. Ready to embark on a beautiful journey?

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"The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection"


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