Eyes and Brows



Eyelash Extension Sets

Classic Full set:

1-to-1 lash ratio 99% of your lashes are lashed. leaving a mascara effect  look .Available in Xs, S, M, L, Xl in length. 

Service time Aprox 1 hr 45 mins $90

Classic Cashmere Mink (Natural Effect)

1-to-1 lash ratio 99% 

Ideal when you have naturally fuller. Gives a natural effect. Available in Xs, S, M, L, Xl in length.

Service time Approx. 1hr 55 min/ $110

Natural Volume Lashes:

2D fans giving that balance between classic and volume. Available in Xs, S, M, L, Xl in length. Natural Lashes 99% Lashed.

Service time Aprox 2 hrs/129. 

Classic Natural Hybrid:

A mixed 3D and classic Lashes. Ideal for filling natural gaps. Available in Xs, S, M, L, Xl in length. Natural lashes 99% Lashed.

Service time Aprox. 2 hr 15 minutes.

Volume Mascara effect: 

Multiple half fans between each lash creating a volume mascara effect. Available in Xs, S, M, L, Xl in length. Natural Lashes 99% Lashed.

Service time Aprox 2hrs 15 minutes $129

Cashmere  Volume:

 Cashmere Mink hair creating a soft effect. Available in Xs, S, M, L, Xl in length. Natural Lashes 99%lashed. 

Service time aprox 2 hr 20 min


Intense Volume  Lashes:

a Combination of regular volume & Mega Volume over 1000  5D fanned lashes giving you that fluffy and dark  look. Available in Xs, S, M, L, Xl in length. Results vary based on natural  lash condition. Natural Lashes 99% Lashed. Service aprox 2hr 25 minutes


Customizable Diva full set:

Cashmere Mink hair.

A very exclusive service. Ideal for weddings,  photo shots or a super special event... 

Design vary according with natural lash conditions  clients life style, event type...

Service aprox 3 hours  $250

Lash Removal:

Ideal for clients with unwated  lashes,  from another arist with a poor technique or  passed 3 weeks or any other reason. Service may take between 20 to 40 minutes. $15 off with a purshase of a lash full set.



Hybrid Lash Extension

Classic  Natural Hybrid Full Set:

A  mixed 3D volume  and classic lashes. Ideal for filling natural gaps.

Hybrid Volume (customizable) 

part of the Diva Full Set service.. 

A  very exclusive service for a especial occasion.

Description: A combination on sizes, curvature and length extensions  providing just the right balance between glamour and extravagant

Approx. 2.5/ 3 hours.


Eyelash Extensions Refills

Classic Refills:

Classic Regular 2 week Refill- 55 min $50

Classic Detailed 3 week  Refill- 90 min $70

Volume Refills:

Volume 2 week Soft Volume Refill- 60 min $60 Choose it if  you have Hybrid natural, Volume mascara effect, Cashmere Volume 

Volume 3 week  Detailed Refill - 110 min $79 Choose if you have Hybrid Natural, Vol mascara effect or cashmere vol.

2/3 week Intense Volume refill-115 min $85

Refills from another artist:

Important: The additional cost is due to the extra   time needed because I don't know the condition of the lashes. 

If 3+ weeks or bad condition lashes,  removal and a new set may be required.

Volume 2 week Refill-140mins $100.

Classic  2 week Refill-100mins $80