Eyes and Brows



Eyelash Extension Sets

Classic Mascara Effect 

1-to-1 lash ratio 90% of your lashes are lashed. leaving a mascara natural look. 1 hr 30 min/$79

Classic Faux Mink (Natural Effect)

Ideal when you have naturally curly lashes 100% lashed

Approx. 1 hr 45 min/ $110

Natural Volume Lashes

Thin fans giving that balance between classic and volume 100% lashed

2 hrs/120

Volume Mascara effect 

Multiple half fans between each lash creating a volume mascara effect. 100% Lashed.

2hrs 15 minutes $149

Volume Wispy Lashes

over 500  5D fanned lashes giving you that fluffy and dark  look 

2 hrs 30 minute$/169


Hybrid Lash Extension

Hybrid Full Set

A combination of classic and volume, striking just the right balance between natural and extravagant

Approx. 2 hours.

Hybrid Volume Full Set

A combination on sizes, curvature and length extensions  providing just the right balance between glamour and extravagant

Approx. 2.5 hours.


Eyelash Extensions Refills

Classic Refills:

Classic Partial Refill - 30 min $35

Classic Regular Refill- 60 min $50

Classic Full Refill- 75 min $60

Hybrid Refills:

Hybrid Partial Refill- 60 min $60

Hybrid Regular Refill- 75 min $65

Hybrid Full Refill- 90 min $75

Volume Refills:

Volume Partial Refill- 60 min $60

Volume Regular Refill- 75 minutes $65

Volume Full Refill - 90 min $75